Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Red State

That Missouri is a red state there is no doubt. But in case you need a reminder in your fridge, for $6.99 at a shop in Hermann, MO you can get a red Missouri-shaped cheese (there is no blue version).

Things I did and am still doing to keep 2016 from driving me nuts:
  • discontinue satellite TV service. Bought a Roku for my one small TV and I watch selected YouTubes with it and nothing else.
  • deleted my 7-year Facebook account.
  • ended my newspaper subscription because it kept publishing, instead of news, "stories" about what might happen, or threatens to happen, or "reactions" to events, none of which are news.
  • subscribed to enjoyable magazines instead.
  • minded my own business.
  • worked very hard.
  • worked on changing my habits of thought.
  • quit trying to control the future.
  • visited a foreign country; very educational.
  • deep breathing exercises.
  • yoga.
  • Pilates.

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