Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Something Royal

I never met a George I didn't like. At church there was a tall gangly one. In graduate school, George was the "golden boy," on fellowship, and teachers favored him, and unlike many teachers' pets he was still nice to the lesser people in the world. My father-in-law George was as good to me as my own father, and compassionate because he understood what it was like to have a high IQ in an extended family whose other patriarch didn't have $25 to put his sick dog to sleep so instead got a knife and chased the dog around the yard trying to catch it so he could stab it to death instead. The dog knew the score and outran him. Another George was the organizer of a singles group, and despite his appearance all the females liked him because he could partner-dance while the other guys stood around mumbling, "Two left feet."

So to honor the new Prince George and hoping we don't have to hear about him again for 18 years or so, here's a Queen Anne's lace so beautifully heavy with summer blossoms it can't hold its head up.

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