Monday, June 17, 2013

Meadow Mushroom

Mushrooms are not animal, vegetable or mineral, but alone among all things in nature are in a class of their own. This year's soggy pre-summer weather, with thunderstorms afoot every evening, is great only for fungi, and a sprinkling of these, Meadow Mushrooms (Agaricus campestris), popped up in my lawn overnight, full-sized, four inches across with solid, inch-thick stems (which I removed for the photo) and fresh pinkish gills. I love wild foods that I don't have to hunt for but instead come to me. As much as I'd love to taste these (with bacon), and they're said to be edible (especially with bacon), glamour photos is as far as I'll go.


Paul said...

I'm with you on the wariness of eating wild mushrooms.

Danny O'Donnell said...

That's not a meadow mushroom. Meadow mushrooms have a ring (remnant partial veil) and are pink to brown underneath. Please be careful and properly identify mushrooms before eating them. There are a lot of white, "generic"-looking mushrooms that can hurt you or even kill you.