Sunday, July 8, 2012


Usually it's young male turtles who travel away from their birthplaces to seek their own territories, so I'll call this one "he." The road is the two-lane, 40 mph Highway F on a Saturday morning, and I calculated this box turtle just starting his crossing had about a 50 percent chance of being crushed or maimed by monster turtles with wheels. He looked so brave and alone that I was moved to pick him up, take him across the road, and carry him well into the Divine property hoping that in its 100 acres he will find, as I did, the acre of his dreams.


Buford Nature said...

It is gratifying to this wildlife biologist to see and hear about so many people doing just what you did. But then again, we owe it to them. Kudos!

gaye g.p said...

I'll only use this one small moment to worry about the ones my husband and I have found who weren't so obviously pointed in one direction. We always hoped that they were carried to a desired destination. Then, again, do they (or us) know precisely which way that is?