Monday, September 24, 2007

What Yer Litter Says About Yew

I have about 3/4 of a mile of road shoulder to clean. This is what I find, in order of volume:

Beer cans; soda cans; beer bottles; empty cigarette packs; pint bottles of Seagram's 7 (once I found an empty gallon bottle of vodka); scores of those plastic "Big Drink" "car cups," plus their tops and straws; paper and styrofoam trash from Mickey D's, Hardee's, BK, DQ, KFC, Jack's, White Castle; styrofoam coffee cups; tins from chewin'-tobacco (I thought everybody was too smart nowadays to take up that habit!); chip bags; candy wrappers.

And that's the stuff they aren't too ashamed to throw out of their cars. That's America, seen from the angle of those who clean your road shoulders. I hope you'll all have just as much fun at the CAT-scan center!

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Paula said...

Dear Divinebunbun, I love your sweet natch'l blog! You transport me into your rural fastness. Sounds wonderful, the stuff of fables. But dognabit! What in the tarnation (wrong locality I'm sure!) is "bunbun"? Seems to be a common term on Google.

I love your take on things! I'm an avid history buff (please, baby jesus, let me time-travel!) so I loved your link to the 100 year photo blog. I love reading your posts and will visit regular-like! (hey! you can;t absorb 50 years of American cultural imperialism - ummm! I mean TV! without picking up an assortment - Australians would say, "A dogs breakfast" - of American lingo!). I love words and so I loved your post on the various colloqualisms you encounter.

I found your blog through our common profile listing of "herb gardening" altho' I know you would actually say "Erb Gardening"! I see you also list Sylvia Plath - I am absolutely transported by the story of Sylvia and Ted and have just read "Birthday Letters" & Dianne Middlebrook's "Her Husband". Sometimes I feel as tho' I am in the room with them. Sad, sad! I love both their poetries.

The world has always been both dark and rich with melancholy for me.

Thankyou for sharing your life in the mountains with me. Alexx and I have been talking about whether or not it would be practical for us to move to the foothills of the Blue Mountains which ring the Sydney plain. The Ozarks sound a bit like them. I have often heard of the Ozarks but don't know anything about them except what I have read now on your blog - I shall have to Google! (new English word!), Regards from down under, Paula