Thursday, March 31, 2016

Morel Mushroom Confidential

Recently declassified emails between myself and my mushroom buddy, a city slicker obsessed with morels and feverish about all edibles. March is too soon for good hunting.

Wednesday, March 23
RF: Do you think Friday will be too early?
DBB: Yes. Maybe the week after if it warms up. I have tested the soil temp. It's barely 50.

Thursday, March 24
RF: I wonder if Friday will be too soon.
DBB: I said yes.
RF: I may go anyway.
DBB: We need higher soil temp and nice gooshy rains.
DBB: Oh, it is your birthday and you are 50. Then I must come along.
RF: Yes. So I might go anyway. I have a meeting at 9 and then might head out if we finish in an hour. It rained in the city a lot.
DBB: Let me know where you are going and when. I will be at Senior Yoga.
RF: Okay, I’ll email when my meeting is over.

Friday, March 25
RF: Too darn cold!

Sunday, March 27
RF: I may go tomorrow morning. I may go Monday afternoon. I may go Tuesday morning. Shroomies are out there.
DBB: Really, who says?
Earthstars, 3/30/2016
RF: People I know found small grays in South County and Southern Illinois.
DBB: I’m booked solid through Wednesday night.

Wednesday, March 30
DBB: This is the type of rain that might make mushrooms. If I feel like it tomorrow I will go check.
DBB: I found fresh plump earthstars just now. This bodes well for morel hunting. It is still a bit early, but now, with this rain, would not be an unreasonable time to start hunting.
RF: Huh. I wish I could go tomorrow instead of this stupid thing I got roped into. I’ll try to go Friday. Are earthstars edible?
DBB: Not edible, just adorable.
RF: Yes indeed they are.

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