Friday, November 27, 2015

The 5 Grossest Things that Ever Happened Here

5. Headless blue jay found floating in the rain barrel.

4. Mouse dies beneath water heater and stinks for six weeks.

3. Handyman (no longer employed here) brings his guitar and asks for a date.

2. Demetrius vomiting his purple cabbage soup into the toilet.

1. The watering can for some reason won't pour. As I tilt it trying to pour more water out, the head of a drowned mouse emerges from the spout.

(Actually, #2 was very funny. To me.)


-Mouse scrambles across my bed with me in it.

-Clapping a fat tomato hornworm between two bricks sprays green goop all over my face, glasses, and shirt.

-Carpet has not been cleaned in 10 years.

-Removing a length of tape from around the non-working fireplace, I find stuck to it three small dead snakes.

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BowlingTrophyWife said...

I hope #3 wasn't the handyman I remembered! Happily there weren't a whole lot of truly disgusting things that happened to us other than running across the occasional dead animal out in the fields or near the pool house - -we never found any 'dismembered' bodies, though. We did have a remarkable number of mice living in the house - and probably all over the house but we also had two dogs and I think that kept them from exploring the bed with us occupying same!