Monday, August 17, 2015

Notes on Barbecue

  • My favorite barbecue place is Super Smokers and I'm so satisfied with their pulled pork with the applesauce side I never order anything else. I sauce it with Texas Hot.
  • Texas Hot is their only sauce not available in stores.
  • My personal sauce recipe: half Hunt's (and only Hunt's) bottled barbecue sauce, and half medium salsa. Hunt's because it is the least sugary of the commercial sauces. I don't understand Maull's or Pappy's or Kansas-City-style any other bottled sauce. I don't want corn syrup on my barbecue.
  • I never ate barbecue until I moved to Missouri. In Wisconsin and in upstate New York "to barbecue" meant "to cook on the grill" weenies, bratwurst, and hamburgers.
  • I buy a half-pound or pound of pulled pork, sauce it and heat it up a bit, and toss it in green salad.
  • I'll settle for barbecued chicken if that's all there is, but it's only good until you peel the skin off. After that it's not barbecue.
  • Invite me to a barbecue.
  • Don't buy the ready-to-eat pulled pork that's in the supermarket meat case. The meat's tough and fatty.
  • I took two really classy Perry-Ellis shoes-made-in-Paris Cafe-Napoli-in-Clayton Ph.D. friends for barbecue, and they loved it, proving everyone can love it.
  • Bandana's, once a favorite, has gone downhill.
  • I don't, myself, make and serve barbecue, believing it's best left to professionals.
  • Re the bumper sticker: radio station KPIG in California plays rock, country, and bluegrass.

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