Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's Cute and Furry

I did not expect--but I should never have expectations around here, because surprises happen daily--when I opened the bluebird box one final time before winter to clear out any debris, webs, nests, or paper wasps--to see a deeply furred thing with splayed feet clinging to the inside wall, upside down, apparently sleeping. It's little and brown, it's got mouselike ears and a leathery wing is partially visible on the left, so I'm guessing this is a common Little Brown Bat. This is the first one I've seen here that wasn't on the wing.

Bats are the world's only flying mammal (flying squirrels don't have wings). According to online sources, those famous bat colonies that pour out from caves and beneath bridges are females and juveniles; males tend to live like bachelors, and it's the season (September-October) for him to choose a hibernation place. If he stays in the bluebird box I become his landlord, and he's welcome to it, rent-free. For a bat it's quite the luxury pad. But if he wants wide-screen TV installed for football season I shall have to draw the line.

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Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

Wonderful! He will pay his rent in eating mosquitoes.