Friday, July 18, 2014

The Bunny Population Explodes

Have you noticed more bunnies in the area this year? For many summers the population on this land has been scanty and I blamed coyotes, feral cats, loose dogs, and drought, but this year they're hopping around the yard and meadow, drinking dew and thoughtfully chewing grass and having bunny children (see photo) who, when very small, frantically run in hilarious circles when a human appears. Right now there's an adult bunny outside in the yard in front of me, ears up, alert. Now's she's dining. I love them.

I have heard several reports of "bunny population explosion" this calendar year, here and in the city where one winter evening I and a friend watched from her window as two bunnies played leapfrog in the snow. They actually did! For half an hour! It looked like bunny fun. I haven't yet heard of or found an explanation for the increase, but it might well be this summer's optimal weather conditions: fairly mild and plenty of rain.

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