Friday, August 23, 2013

A Nectar-Lapping Raccoon, See It Here

I wasn't kidding four days ago when I posted about my disappearing nectar and nectar feeders. There's a young raccoon and an older one, now both so bold as to steal from my feeders in mid-afternoon. They tilt the feeder and lap at the sweet juice that runs out. This of course ruins it for the hummingbirds, and I must now cook up nectar daily so I can keep my hummers. I watch the feeders all day, holler and throw rocks and potsherds at the thieves and if they are too close for that I play the Siren app, which makes them run.


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

I know they are terrible, and raccoon have been the reason we gave up on bird feeders, and they fight our outdoor cat for his cat food, and cause a host of damage to our house. But they are so darned cute!

Pablo said...

I've caught raccoons raiding the bird feeder out at my cabin. They certainly are opportunistic.