Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Tough and Ugly to Say "Welcome"

As I recall, only three recycled things existed before "recycling" as we know it came to be: returnable glass bottles, tire-tread sandals, and recycled-tire doormats. Look in Lowe's all you want but you won't find these weighty, classic mats too tough and ugly to say "Welcome" but able to take horrible four-season daily outdoor punishment, will clean gunky bootsoles, will not float away during floods -- they're too durable. My old one (left), bought at Dickey Bub's, $5, the last one in stock, haven't seen one there since, began to fall apart this winter after six or seven years; the metal pincers finally rusted through and released tire chunks which began to migrate into lawnmower territory.

Living in the sticks and gas prices being what they are I buy most things online now, but the problem finding this item was: What's it technically called? A tire-link doormat, an outdoor tire-link mat, a recycled-tire mat, a machine-shop mat. . .anyway, I found one made in Pennsylvania, USA, about twice the weight of the old one, with rug-like "pile" on top, $14.95 and $10 shipping. Always pleased to buy USA-made items.

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