Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Neighbor Learns Me Some Manners Again

Phoned and asked neighbor Shelley, the forklift operator, to please look after my place while I was gone a few days. Why, she came right on down and said, "Don't you worry. I'll be watchin your house for you."

I was so grateful I nearly fell down. Because situation is such that there aint nobody else I could call on. That does happen in life.

Invited her in for a grand tour. The Divine cabin is quite a sight, esp with stuff flang all over, but that aint why I invited her. She just never been in before and I dint have the sense to invite her before I asked a favor. Ashamed of myself and God forgive me.

We got talking, as people do, about our crosses: grandpa dead, dad sick with prostate cancer, man trouble, legal trouble. That does happen in life. Both our eyes filled with tears and we held 'em back. Brave women!

Gonna buy Shelley a steak dinner, invite her over, and instead of darkness bring her some light somehow.

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