Sunday, February 24, 2008

Glimpse of the Fox

Silent as thought he came and went. I glimpse him only a few times a year. But this morning the world was all cloudy white with an inch of fresh snow, and his warm-red fur stood out. I was snapping snow photos and got the barest glance at him: the fox.

After a single breath he vanished into the woods. I studied his footprints. Note the Greek cross in the middle. That's how you'll know a fox's tracks. Lucky you if you ever see a fox. They're so quiet, intent on business. Look for a den within a hundred feet or so of a creek. You'll know it for sure by the mess out front of scattered bones and fur and feathers.

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Chris said...

Hi! I found your site though Nature Blog Network and I'm glad I did, I'm really enjoying it! Being born in St.Louis and later moving to Chicago, I miss the the sites of my home state.
I love your fox photo, I once saw a fox in the middle of the suburbs one mile from the forest preserves...I was very surprised!
Anyway, I've added you to "Nature from other places" on my blog roll.