Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Needles stuck out all over me, about 15 of 'em. I felt the initial jabs only in the left ankle and breastbone, but otherwise, no pain. Hands, chest, feet, crown full of needles -- for 20 minutes. I wondered: Will this work? Will I come out "balanced," as they say?

After the 2-1/2-inch needles were jabbed through my clothes, I lay looking at the ceiling, never at the needles, worrying. The legs, feet and toes of another patient got pierced. The acupuncturist apologized to her, saying that needles in the pinky toes will always hurt: "Those are the ends of the meridians." The lady wanted stress relief. We chatted and I said I was an acupuncture virgin. She told me, "Afterward, you'll wanna sleep." True!

January around here is like being wrapped in a whole roll of toilet paper, just that blinding and just that dull. Cabin fever. Fantasies, good and scary, start ruling your mind. Climbin' the cabin walls, I decided to treat myself to two new things: Any two new things. One was acupuncture. It was just okay. The other was Yogi Tea. Bought the "Daily Stress Relief Formula," from Golden Temple of Oregon (1-800-YOGI-TEA). Pricey -- but gol-darn, it really calms and centers you like one of them there yogis who got his picture on the package!

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