Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What the Online Swami Said

The online swami would answer one question for $10. I said what the heck -- I was on vacation from work, why not splurge? --and sent him this question: When will I be successful in my writing career?

I found this astrologer through a Hindu astrology site called cyberastro.com and he is legitimate. I know he actually cast my birth chart because I know what my chart is (being interested in both Western and Hindu astrology myself), and he also cast a chart for the time I put the question. That's called "horary" astrology. Then he compared the two.

His answer came today. Turns out the message of the sky is mixed. I will have to work hard. Yet if I keep working, the present time is favorable, particularly August 07 to September 08, but he predicted that the best time will be the years 2011 to 2016.

Well, better to be on the upswing than the downswing! Better to have success late in life -- rather than too early! I believe him. He said 2006 was a successful writing year for me. He is correct.

To propitiate the planets and gain their favor, particularly Mercury, planet of communication, the astrologer directed me to wear an emerald set in gold. I should begin wearing it, he said, on a Wednesday during a waxing moon. So I will begin tomorrow and see what happens. A billion Hindus can't be wrong. An emerald is a billion years old and so it must know a thing or two. And the planets and stars come straight from the hand of God and they can't be wrong.

It's nice when someone knows, and tells you, exactly how to improve your lot!

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